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01908 area code

Milton Keynes

The 01908 area code is for Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

Locations using 01908 numbers include:

Most numbers using the 01908 area code are normal Milton Keynes landlines but be aware that, as is the case for all UK area codes, such numbers may also be used for services without any physical link to the area. (More info)

01908 area code information

Area code:01908
Location:Milton Keynes
Ceremonial county:Buckinghamshire
Local number length:6 digits
Number format:01908 xxxxxx
International number format:+44 1908 xxxxxx
Last code change:April 1995 (previously 0908)

Local calls require full number

It is no longer possible to omit the area code when calling locally in the 01908 area.

Since 1st October 2014 the full 11-digit phone number has been required for all local calls, to allow the use of previously undialable local numbers starting with 0 or 1. The first numbers starting 01908 0 were brought into general use during April 2015.

See: Area codes without local dialling.

01908 area code
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