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01333 area code


The 01333 area code is for Anstruther and the surrounding area.

Locations using 01333 numbers include:

Most numbers using the 01333 area code are normal Anstruther landlines but be aware that, as is the case for all UK area codes, such numbers may also be used for services without any physical link to the area. (More info)

01333 area code information

Area code:01333
Council area:Fife
Local number length:6 digits
Number format:01333 xxxxxx
International number format:+44 1333 xxxxxx
Last code change:April 1995 (previously 0333)

Notes and links

Regulator Ofcom refers to 01333 officially as 'Peat Inn', but the hamlet of this name is itself actually served by the 01334 area code.

01333 area code
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